How We Give Back


Connecting with artisans in each country we visit is the key to how Brilliant Imports works. We are the intermediaries of a friendly reciprocal relationship: the artisans enjoy the benefits of more financial stability and you, the buyer, enjoy added beauty in your home with the confidence that you are buying hand-made, fairly-traded goods. 

In Bali, we are now supporting artisans who count on their collaboration with Brilliant Imports to make ends meet. In most cases, we don't just relate with the specific artisans, but we come to know their families, sometimes supporting their children through school. 

In hopes of aiding neglected or suffering animals in Bali, we support the Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA) and hope to participate more and more in this effort over time. 

As Brilliant Imports grows, so will our ability to deepen our giving.