{shipwrecked} Elephant Corbel, antique gold

item number: SWsconceB1-001gldlg

Hanging one (or two or three) of these is a time-honored professional secret for turning a flat wall into an intriguing three-dimensional space.  Most often found in pairs – flanking anything from a door to a window to a cabinet – these descendants of architectural corbels (the architectural brackets used to support beams and cornices) look equally compelling solo, whether tucked in a corner or stationed over the sofa.  Top with a vase, a Buddha, a plant, a photo, any much-loved object.

NOTE:  This is a Shipwrecked Item...still full of charm but slightly worn, these elephants have slightly chipped tusks (just like some beloved elephants in the wild)...a bit more character picked up while en route from Bali.  We think this offers these pieces a distinguishable look and make them look even more original and wild.  Discounted 17%.  Non-returnable.



large: 13.5w x 7.5d (shelf)  x 16.5"h
small:  14w x 7d (shelf) x 12.5"h

Each Brilliant Imports piece is handmade individually. Imperfections are what make them perfectly unique. Click here for more information.

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