{shipwrecked} Saraswati with Swan II

item number: SWsB1-TLS113

In this delicate depiction of Saraswati, the four-armed Hindu Goddess of knowledge, music, art and science, she stands above a swan, a holy animal that symbolizes the power to discriminate between right and wrong. The name Saraswati comes from saras (meaning "flow") and wati (meaning "she who has"), hence this is the Goddess 'She Who Has Flow.'  A piece that is sure to bring tranquility to any room.  In intricately-carved crocodile wood. 

NOTE:  This is a Shipwrecked Item...still full of charm but with slight damage, this Saraswati has a small chip that has been lovingly repaired...think of it as a bit more character picked up while en route from Bali.  We think this offers this piece a distinguishable look and offer her at 14% OFF.  Non-returnable.


24h x 7.5"w (base)

Each Brilliant Imports piece is handmade individually. Imperfections are what make them perfectly unique. Click here for more information.

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