About Me

Brilliant Imports, and the services offered, bring inspirational beauty and sanctuary into your everyday by providing self-discovery and sensory ritual thru our products.

Brilliant Imports’ on-line boutique offers you pieces of beauty and brings you an experience (and a little bit of magic) that guides creative expression, celebrates individuality and manifests home as your sacred space.  I founded Brilliant Imports in 2012 with the intention of curating specialized, soulful collections where each piece has a story to tell.

My name is Amy and I’m the founder + owner.  My mission is to offer you objects that are sumptuous in detail and exquisitely individual with a lean towards Bohemian ease.  With Brilliant Imports, you can create ambiance and an authentic oasis that expresses how special, beautiful and unique you are. Brilliant Imports bring the divine and beauty into your everyday spaces and allows you to live luxuriously with soul.

Originally from the Midwest, I lived abroad and in Austin before moving to the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado at the end of 2017.  I’m a free spirit at heart, an explorer and a dreamer.  When Stateside, I live (and constantly snuggle) with my rescue dog Griffin...you can see our adventures and stories here (his big sister Roxie, also a rescue, lovingly watches over us from the Rainbow Bridge)).  I’m a devoted yoga practitioner (and a 200-hr YTT graduate), an avid skier, lover of the outdoors and an Essential Oil Wellness Advocate (I’m all about a healthy, high vibe lifestyle).  I enjoy designing and creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that have meaning and intention and find interior decorating/refresh/styling of spaces to be therapeutic.

The brands I offer are worldly, curious, accessible, global, luxurious, fresh, clean, thoughtful and socially conscious/aware. I also very excited to provide customized buying services. 

What makes Brilliant Imports different? Collections like no other and connecting with people afar creating true global connections. My passion, enthusiasm, energy, adventurous nature, humor, honesty and my openness are infused into Brilliant Imports’ offerings.  To curate Brilliant Imports, I travel to Bali to discover and create beautiful, bohemian-chic, handcrafted décor and design accents, artifacts and pieces. Combining my passion for far-flung travel and modern-day treasure hunting, I scour the shops and markets in Bali, many off the beaten path, seeking the most unique items. The essential element is the connections I make-- the real people who invite me into their homes, studios, and shops, and help me navigate this adventure. I work closely with artists; we regularly design pieces together, exclusively for Brilliant Imports. This sincere collaboration and mutual respect are fundamental to how Brilliant Imports works.  Brilliant Imports’ value of the artisan helps keep traditional skills alive and thriving.

Brilliant Imports is exotic luxury made accessible and personal-Zen made easy, bringing the well travelled into your physical environment. These pieces create sanctuary to elevate your space and also make the perfect gift with an exciting, inspiring tale to tell.   Brilliant Imports will bring you an open-ended sense of discovery and multi-sensory ritual where India and Morocco mix with Bali.  All Brilliant Imports are blessed by my team in Bali before they depart on their journey to the West.

Once Brilliant Imports make their way to Austin, my Mom diligently cleans and restores any pieces that need TLC (Bali to Austin is a long time to be crated up!).  My Mom also packs and ships most orders.  There is love in every aspect of Brilliant Imports.

Perhaps my greatest pleasure is tracking the history of our pieces, connecting the artist to you, and revealing the discovery, creation, journey and meaning in every piece. Brilliant Imports celebrates the beauty of craftsmanship and the daily pleasure it brings. Travel with me each time you appreciate your Brilliant Import. We bring you sanctuary in design.

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