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Brilliant Imports was founded in 2012 with the intention of curating specialized, soulful collections where each piece has a story to tell. We offer you objects of beauty that manifest sacred and special spaces. All Brilliant Imports are handmade in Bali. When not designing pieces, we travel off the beaten path to scour shops and markets, seeking the most unique items to offer you.

Brilliant Imports are sumptuous in detail and exquisitely individual with a lean towards Bohemian ease. Our imports are ideal to retail in your boutique so your guests can bring home the experience you create for them.

We offer custom orders with private labelling available, as well as sourcing, manufacturing and buying for commercial and residential projects. We’re happy to assist with spatial and design planning, as well as styling and staging by creating environments and venues that reflect our values.

Our Artisans

We work closely with Balinese artists and have an extremely reliable team in Indonesia that is fastidious about quality control. We regularly design pieces together, exclusively for Brilliant Imports. This sincere collaboration and mutual respect are fundamental to our creative process. Brilliant Imports’ value of our artisans helps keep traditional skills alive and thriving.

The artisans we work with are experts in their craft. Their precise and meticulous skills are what make Brilliant Imports so special. We use only the finest materials. For example, our baskets are hand-woven with Indonesian rattan and grasses rather than the inferior Chinese wicker products. Know that you are paying for top quality which shows in our authentic, handmade products. Brilliant Imports strives to deliver pieces of beautiful craftsmanship and works to exceed your expectations.

We bring you sanctuary in design.

Contact us for a full range of Brilliant Imports currently available. We have an extensive client list and are happy to provide references upon request.

We look forward to working with you,

Amy L. Campbell, founder 


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