Guest Gallery I

Showcasing Brilliant Imports once they find their way home...our favorite part of the story! Click here to contribute.

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“I finally got the Mudra Hands installed in my shower. Love them so much....thank you!”    - Joan C.
“The vases and gorgeous Brilliant Imports that adorned our wedding event space made our reception uniquely beautiful. Thank you.”    - Elizabeth + Patrick C., Austin TX

❤️{one of} Brilliant Imports ornately hand-carved ‪#‎quanyin‬ statues gracing an altar❤️ in love with @tarotluv's pretty pictures...

"YES! YES! YES! It came today! I have been wanting this for years! Thank you Brilliant Imports for an amazing piece for our new home! The detail in this is amazing!"    - Heidi M., CO

"Umm - love him!!- Paige Davis, founder, Austin, TX

"My new Quan Yin from @brilliantimports has found her place in my house! Isn't she pretty :) #ladybuddha #brilliantimports #quanyin #fengshui"    - Diana Lott, founder, Austin, TX

The happiest part of the story?! when Brilliant Imports make their way home (in this case, our hand-carved Buddha on Lotus Stand to an amazing photographer!)

"This is my newest addition, Saffron Standing Buddha, bringing Brilliant energy to my home."  
- Cassie, Austin, TX

"Ollie the Owl is looking good in his new home. Thanks!"   
- Michele, MA on her Wise Owl Table

"Meditation and so much more"....we agree! meditation cushions, floor pillows, doggie beds, the list goes on…   - Cassie, Austin, TX
Lovin' Shelly's bookshelf embellished with Brilliant Imports' Buddhas & a Teeny Tin!

Well! absolutely swooning over Brilliant Imports' vintage panel gorgeously placed at our dear friends' house…check out Brilliant Imports Rare Finds collection for similar pieces...they're one-of-a-kind and when they're gone, they're gone...

Patrick received this amazing Shiny Ganesh (the Hindu 'Remover of Obstacles') for his bday and sent us this photo of his first offering. Love it!!!

"Love my new earrings and necklace I purchased today from my sweet friend Amy! She has a great online store called BRILLIANT IMPORTS!! Thanks!!"    Amanda, Austin, TX

One of Brilliant Imports' Moroccan Inspired Candle Holders at Mellontopia, Austin, TX

Shelly (from Cali) is using her exclusive Brilliant Imports Embellished Hands to display her tarot cards!

"This basket with lid is one of the best quality made. The tight weave is excellent and it is very rich looking. Thank you! Would not hesitate to order again."   - Jen, CA 

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