Guest Gallery II

Showcasing Brilliant Imports once they find their way home...our favorite part of the story! Click here to contribute.

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"The pillow inspired me to finish reupholstering the other chair (working on it today).  I think it looks great!"  - Karina, Austin, TX

Niiicccccceeee ssssssnake ring!

SO in love w/Hope's first room! Her Mama used 3 of our hand-carved wall squares in retro green to embellish above her bed.
- Austin, TX

"Brilliant Imports not only offers beautiful and unique items their customer service is off the map. I've ordered from them a couple of times now and each experience has been fabulous."   - Kim, Austin, TX

"The happy Buddha of abundance = Makes me happy! Xoxo"    - Beth, Austin, TX

"Thank you, Brilliant Imports, for this wonderful Buddha! You have fans in our household for sure!"    
- Rachel, Austin, TX

"I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying my morning meditations in my newly decorated room (the only problem is wanting to open my eyes to look at how beautiful it turned out). Gorgeous accents from Brilliant Imports!" - Shelly, CA

"I had a wonderful experience buying from Brilliant Imports. Not only is there an incredible selection of interesting handmade objects, but they are very reasonably-priced. You feel like you've traveled to the Bali markets yourself and have picked up an amazing piece, finely crafted by a local artisan. I love to decorate my own home with these special pieces, but also consider this to be one of my favorite go-to websites for ordering unique gifts."   - Susan, Austin, TX

"You have inspired me to purge, get rid of the clutter in my guest room and transform it into a serene space where I can relax every day.  You're brilliant."
- Shelly, CA

"Brilliant Imports pays attention to every detail down to how they package their items. I recently purchased a beautiful standing Buddha and copper Ganesha statue from Brilliant Imports. Both pieces are exquisite, well made and a true reflection of what they represent."  - Kim, Austin, TX
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