Bali-Buddha + Umbrella Bundle

item number: bdB2-001ybundle

Create your perfect little altar by protecting your Meditating Buddha I with a 3-tiered fringed Balinese umbrella.  

Mediating Buddha I:

In Bali, umbrellas are an integral part of ceremonies and celebrations.  I picked out the cream batik fabric at the fabric market and we then designed these umbrellas at the special flag and umbrella shop in Ubud.  Adorned with yellow tassels and hand-made in every sense.  Add them to a vignette, an altar collection or to your plants for a touch that will be exotic and unique!

3-Tier Fringed Balinese Umbrella:

In one hand, this handsome meditating Buddha holds a bowl-- a symbol that Buddhist monks live off of what is freely offered to them. In the other, he holds his mala -- the Buddhist prayer beads that represent one's never-ending meditation practice, even while involved in daily activities. This Buddha, a reminder to both receive what the world offers and stay engaged, will bring a touch of Zen balance to your space.  

My friend Punia's wife handpaints these Buddhas in a deep mustard yellow. Carved from crocodile wood.



Meditating Buddha I:  4"base x 5"h

3-Tier Fringed Balinese Umbrella:  13.75h x 3"w(base)

Each Brilliant Imports piece is handmade individually. Imperfections are what make them perfectly unique. Click here for more information.

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