Buddha on Lotus Stand, Stained

item number: buddhaBI-010br

This content Buddha sits on a lotus blossom stand.

This Buddha is in the Dhyana Asana (sitting position).  The meditative pose is also called padmasana.  In this position the legs are crossed closely with the soles of both fees visible.  His hands are in Vitarka Mudra -- the Mudra of Teaching.  In this gesture the tips of thumb and index finger touch forming a circle.  All other fingers are extended upwards.  This is a mystic gesture (from "Short Description of Gods, Goddesses and Ritual Objects of Buddhism and Hinduism in Nepal").  Vitarka mudra is interpreted as the hand gesture that evokes the energy of teaching and intellectual discussion, or argument. It mostly feels like the transmission of a particular teaching with no words, and the circle formed by the thumb and index finger creates a constant flow of energy/information.

In stained suar wood.


11w, 17.5h, 5.5"deep (approximate/size varies due to the handmade nature of this Buddha)

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