Green + Bronze Lakshmi Statue II

item number: brzB4-004

Lakshmi, The Golden One, is the combination of the divine and the primal.  She is culture and humanity.  Her name means 'mark' or 'signifier'.  She reminds us that we all have a unique mark.

Lakshmi is associated with abundance in all forms, auspiciousness, culture, passion and compassion and reminds us to find the lush, beautiful moments.

"O Mother, deeply embedded is my fear, my insecurity
Have mercy, O Mother, on my wretched state
Uproot it, with the joy that comes from your sweet and compassionate glance
Plant in us the seed of auspiciousness
As we make out way in the world.”
--Tantric hymm to Lakshmi
Lakshmi is depicted holding a bowl in this painted bronze statue. 


5"h x 4,5" w

Each Brilliant Imports piece is handmade individually. Imperfections are what make them perfectly unique. Click here for more information.

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