Buffalo Skull with Ganesh Design

item number: bB2-100

After falling in love with these skulls and their intricate carvings of Ganesha, I tasked my friend Suparta with seeking some out for Brilliant Imports. His friend Yogi produced these (and also the cool wooden and bone earrings in the Earrings Collection) especially for us. Ganesha and the detailed surrounding design are carved by hand into the buffalo skulls by expert bone carvers (Yogi and his team!). They are pieces of art that when added to a salon style wall collage add a distinct and unique statement. And they also look exceptional hung on their own. Think of it as 'Zen-Ranch done Bali Style.'

As someone who is concerned about animals' well being (note that we are monthly supporters of the Bali Animal Welfare Association -- http://www.bawabali.com), I asked the question many times and repeatedly got the same answer -- that the entire buffalo is used.  As my friend Suparta told me, "The buffalo is our friend".  The Balinese respect the buffalo and, like Ganesha, treat it in a manner of reverence.


varies by skull, dimensions are approximate:  22"wide (widest part of horns), 32"tall, 7"deep

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Each Brilliant Imports piece is handmade individually. Imperfections are what make them perfectly unique. Click here for more information.

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